Q. Do I have to compete in all three events?
A. Yes. A competitor must compete in all three sports in order to be included in the final event results and prize purse.
Q. Where is the location of each event?
A. The event takes place in California. The Snow competition = Bear Mountain, CA. The Surf competition = Seaside Reef State Park in Cardiff, CA. The Skate competition = Del Mar Fairgrounds, CA.
Q. What sport do the athletes compete in first?
A. Traditionally, the event starts with snowboarding, then surfing and ends with skateboarding.
Q. How old do i have to be to compete?
A. On the first day of the Event, all entrants must be at least either 18 years of age or 16 years of age with notarized parental or guardian consent. Riders under the age of 16 must receive a personal invitation from Ultimate Boarder to participate.
Q. Is this a professional or amateur event?
A. Both. The ULTIMATE BOARDER staff has decided to combine both pros and amateurs.
Q. How many athletes will be competing?
A. There will be 50 riders selected to compete.
Q. What is the prize money and how does it break down?
A. There's a total prize purse $50,000, with the winner receiving $30,000. The Top 10 will receive a cash prize.
Q. Will you be selling souvenirs at the event?
A. Yes, a variety of t-shirts, hats, posters and other items will be sold on site. Please stop by the Official UB Merchandise booth and purchase your souvenir.
Q. Will you be selling event merchandise online?
A. Official event merchandise will be available online in the STORE section, unless otherwise noted.
Q. How do I get in contact with your athletes?
A. Sorry, we do not give out contact information for any athletes.